Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the club?
Membership is open to all full and part-time students, faculty, staff, employees, and alumni of the University of Virginia, as well as members of the surrounding local community who are at least 18 years of age. Outdoors at UVa defines a local community member as a legal resident of one of the following locales: the cities of Charlottesville, Waynesboro, and Staunton; the counties of Albemarle, Green, Orange, Louisa, Fluvanna, Buckingham, Nelson, and Augusta within the state of Virginia.

How do I complete my waiver?
Preferred Method: You can sign your waiver electronically!
(Please use the same email you used for creating your member account for the waiver)
We have a blank version of our waiver that you may print, fill out, sign, and turn into our mailbox, or at a gear room/info session. (NOT preferred - wastes paper!)

Are you affiliated with UVa's Outdoor Recreation Program?
No, we are not affiliated with the Outdoor Recreation Center. They are a division of the Intramural-Recreational Sports, and are NOT a student club. Their trips are often more workshop oriented, and have a fee (reasonably priced) associated with them. They also rent gear (for a fee). If you are not a member of our club, you may consider renting through Outdoor Recreation.
What are the demographics of the club?
About 90% of our club is comprised of students, with the remaining 10% being alumni and community members. As of the end of Fall 2017 club is comprised of 49% males, 51% females.
How does the club work?
That is answered on the How-it-works page.
I missed the meeting. Can I still join?
Yes, of course. The meetings are just informational. You can always join online.

I'm busy and can't come to everything. Is that okay?
Of course. Attend whatever adventures you like/can. There are no obligations.
Can you tell me what activities you have planned?
Our adventures are led by members, most of whom are college students. They are typically planned from one to four weeks in advance. You can get a feel for what we do, and how often, by looking at our list of past adventures. Otherwise, we can't tell you what we have planned; this is a member privilege.
Can I come on one or two trips to see if I like it?
Our official policy is to keep our trips members-only. We have busy schedules and a lot of members to serve; we focus on the members, because they've paid for the attention. If you're interested in outdoors activities, please join. You won't regret it. The number, variety, and quality of activities we do is amazing, and the cost — check the join page — is ridiculously low, especially considering that most trips are free.
How often do you do [activity]?
Please look at our list of past adventures.
Do you do (caving, hiking, scuba diving, whatever)?
Please look at our activities page, and of course our list of past adventures.
Where do I hand in my dues?
You can pay online, via mail (checks only please!), or in person (check or cash). If you choose to pay online, be sure to choose the appropriate membership type (under "Paying Online", with the "Buy Now" button). Submitting your (proof of) payment and waiver together will make your activation process easier and quicker! There are further instructions on the second page of your liability waiver.
Can I meet with an officer to hand in my dues and waiver?
If absolutely necessary, yes. But remember we are trying to serve hundreds of members. Please, carefully follow the instructions on the second page of your liability waiver and put it in our mailbox — this will save us all a lot of time. If you hand deliver it to our mailbox (as opposed to mailing it) you don't even need stamps and it gets to us in the same day.
Do you have a facebook page?
Yes! It's here.
I want a refund because a) I never got to go on any trips, b) I am too busy to participate, c) some other reason.
Dues are non-refundable. We don't guarantee that you will go on any trips, because this is a member-run club. Nobody is paid to ensure that you have a good time. If you want to get outdoors and do something, there are hundreds of people to do it with, and the club will even lend you gear. If you are too busy, we're sorry, but we have hundreds of members and we can't make exceptions to the rules, or the club will become unmanageable.
Can I still rent gear even if I'm not a member?
We do not rent gear to anyone. Members who are students, faculty, staff, employees, and alumni of the University of Virginia may borrow some gear (for free) under certain conditions.
What activites have fees, and how much are they?
Most activities are free. There are charges for activities where we simply arrange something that's really run by someone else, such as skydiving or whitewater rafting. In these cases we usually get a group discount, which can be very significant. There is also a charge for such activities as skiing where you buy your own lift ticket (though we are usually able to arrange discounts for season's passes at Wintergreen, too).

Where is Echol's Dorm?
"Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door", one of the main meeting places for Outdoors at UVA, is located directly across from Gilmer hall. It is at the corner of McCormick and Hancock Rd.
The brick wall has been outlined by the red box, and is shown from street view with an arrow pointing to the wall from the perspective of Gilmer hall