Outdoors at UVa Officers

If you have a question for the officers, please check our frequently asked questions page first. If that doesn't help, please contact us directly.

Jeremy Kemp
President / Captain of the Goon Squad
Born on the banks of the Columbia River with a steaming mug of French-press brew in one hand, and a copy of Walden and a corncob pipe double-fisted in the other, I’ve always felt like I didn’t belong under a roof. I still don’t, so let’s go see a sunrise, bag some peaks, or build a fire and jam. This is the Outdoors Club — and we want you to join the fun.

Nedward Ende
Vice President / Provost of Floatational Inquiries
I like being outside, both of doors and of my comfort zone. It's there that you can find who you are. Growing up teaching kayaking and climbing in the legendary metropolis of Richmond, Va, and picking up a wee bit of mountain biking along the way, I am always looking for new adventures and company on my journey in the general direction of enlightenment.

MoneyMan McGee
Jeremiah Reilly
Treasurer / Mountain Human
I enjoy mighty fine wine, long walks on the beach, long walks up mountains, long walks through the desert, long walks through a bog, and long walks across a log. Looking for my partners in crime (i.e., drivers to sign up for my trips).

Matthew Koenig
Gear Wrangler / Climb Monk
I like to play with gravity and gear.

G Fish
Garrett Tanner
Non-Biological Horse Trainer / Grand Daddy g. Fish / Thomas Shredison
Ride or Die is a lifestyle, not a choice. Born at the age of 13 on the sandy beaches of Fort Lauderdale Florida, where I began my adventuring with skim board and a icy cold 6-pack. As I got older, I eventually bought myself a one-way ticket on the shoelace express traveling to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. In the ancient forests of Central VA, I am here to guide you on your shreddiest of dreams where, together we will consume the tastiest of single track known in all of Appalachia.

Kit Guncheon
Shredhorse Wrangler / Shreddy Roosevelt
Shred Shred Shred Shred. I've been shredding since day one. From the times I hit my head on the diving board to when I tried to catch a boomerang and almost blinded myself, I've always sought out thrill. Growing up, I shredded on a skateboard every day up until high school, when I started exploring the world beyond the paved paradise of Mechanicsville, Va. First exploring mountains by foot, I quickly fell in love with the human experience of conquering a towering peak. There's something special about using your own body to bring yourself to such a pristine and powerful place like a mountaintop. I've found other outlets for my need to shred in the forms of mountain biking (shredhorsing), climbing (monkey thrashing), and heelying OS (original shredder). I'm always looking to get out there and push myself closer to the edge of life. It's here I want to be. Come with me, and let's shred.

Zakey Faieq
Professor of Shred / George Shredington
I like to ride bikes. Join me on my quest to shred the gnarliest of trails in pursuit of the elusive state of shredlightenment.

Stephanie Roatis
PR-Social Chair / Trail Streaking Enthusiast
*Record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup thats me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation. So, I showed up to UVa from the concrete jungle of Chicago (where the brats are bountiful and the sports enthusiasts are far and wide). Next thing I know, these crunchy granola hippy weirdos kidnap me and tell me I need to “shred some gnar” and “get pitted” and “bird up.” Did it end up being the raddest decision of my college career? You bet your wardrobe full of Patagonias it was. Now, I’m hiking, climbing, backpacking, shredding, and eating berries on the trail that I probably shouldn’t. If you ever need a mac-n-cheese pizza loving, cafe au lait addicted, happy-go-lucky Fratelli’s fanatic, I’m your girl. Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way. Anyways… Uhm. WAPAHHHH Me in real life!

Custis Coleman
Service Committee Chair / Philanthropist Extraordinaire
Ditto what Ned said -- except more mountain biking.

Scott Gilb
P(B)R Committee / Scotty McShredhead
Currently, the only thing more entertaining to me than sticks and rocks are mountain bikes. I hail from the wee little hamlet of Warrenton, on the outskirts of Northern Virginia. In the olden days of suburban pavement-shenanigans, I would shred upon unicycles, ripsticks, slacklines, and everything in-between. Since then, my proclivity to try new, wonkier outdoors activities has only grown. Come shred with me, be it on a bike or on the bongos. I will provide reassurance, and maybe some snacks.

Victoria Lu
Cave Conqueror / Captain Climb
An adventurer I was born, and an adventurer I will die. You can find me exploring the deepest, darkest depths of the earth or climbing colossal crags. The only thing I love more than adventuring is Jesus (but that's another story).

Cat Whisperer
Adrian Blust
Hiking Advisor / Wanderer
I put my blurb right here! Now it's gone! Curse you ocean!

Former Presidents
  • Chris Bachmann (2001-2003)
  • Thiago Ize (2001-2004)
  • Matt Rosefsky (2001-2004)
  • Aarash Sofla (2001-2008)
  • Sophie Johnson (2002-2006)
  • Case Taintor (2002-2006)
  • Katrina Salmons (2005-2011)
  • Eric Stauffer (2006-2008)
  • Lila Warren (2006-2009)
  • Meghan Magennis (2007-2008)
  • Bob Weaver (2007-2009)
  • Emily Powell (2008-2010)
  • Lindsay Jamerson (2008-2011)
  • Lynn Nichols (2010-2011)
  • Rebecca Green (-2012)
  • Emily Wetzel (-2012)
  • Michael Crocket (2012-2013)
  • Helena Groves (2013-2015)
  • Joseph Gibson (2013-2015)
  • Hannah Kessenich (2015-2016)
Former Officers (non presidents)
  • Emily Anderson (2001-2002)
  • Dave Clark (2001-2004)
  • Deryn Goodwin (2001-2002)
  • Jeff Scherr (2001-2003)
  • Baron Schwartz (2001-2006)
  • Kahlil Detrich (2003-2004)
  • Jim Sumner (2003-2004)
  • David Wade (2003-2004)
  • Rick Evans (2004-2006)
  • Marc Schwartz (2004-2006)
  • Lindsey Brown (2005-2006)
  • Quintin Brubaker (2005-2007)
  • Ryan Hauer (2005-2006)
  • Andrew Olesen (2005-2007)
  • Brian Tai (2007-2008)
  • Campbell Grant (2007-2009)
  • Chris Chin (2008-2009)
  • Ryan Gilchrist (2008-2010)
  • Cristina Liebolt (2008-2010)
  • Joe Thompson (2009-2011)
  • Ryan Elliott (2010-2011)
  • Amelia Rode (2010-2011)
  • Andrew Richers (2011-2012)
  • Andrew Cassidy (-2011)
  • David Abbott (-2012)
  • Jackson Bewley (2012-2014)
  • Max McHale (2012-2013)
  • Lindsey Shall (2012-2013)
  • Mitchell Oliver (2013-2014)
  • Olivia Rappe (2013-2014)
  • Charles Romero
  • Juliet Hammer (2014-2015)
  • Lucie Hanes (2014-2015)
  • Jack Armstrong (2014-2016)
  • Andrews Inglis (2012-2016)