Outdoors at UVa's Upcoming Meetings

Outdoors at UVa doesn't hold many “club meetings,” because we're focused on being in the outdoors (see our Mission Statement). We use our website and email list to manage the club, and the officers mostly communicate via email. Meetings are not mandatory and you are not required to attend them in order to join the club. However, we do hold several large information sessions every year.

Last Updated September 2014

Please note the date this page was last updated. If we are no longer in the same semester (or we or on break from school), it is safe to assume the information is out of date.

The following table lists our scheduled events:

Meeting Location Description Date & Time
Gear Room Brick Wall by Echols Dorm Officers meet members weekly to allow members access to the gear room, so that they may check out (and check in!) gear on a regular basis. Reimbursements are typically available at these "meetings". If you need to hand in waivers and dues, you may do so at these meetings. Be punctual seeing as the group rarely waits more than a couple minutes before venturing to the gear room itself. Regular gear rooms will start on September 1, 2014 and end December 6, 2014. Outside of these dates, email the officers to meet with them. Mondays 5:00pm
Wednesdays 5:30pm

by appointment
(email the officers)
Officer Meetings TBD The officers will hold officer meetings this year as needed. Officer meetings are generally closed meetings, but you may always notify us of an issue, and if necessary we can include you in a meeting. TBD

If you can't attend the information sessions, don't worry. They are just for convenience anyway! You can always join by clicking the "Join" link at left.