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  • Jul 8
  • 17:15:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jul 8
  • 20:30:00
  • Preddy Creek Trail Park


  • Jul 7
  • 16:00:00


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Come explore some relatively new trails with me! Preddy Creek Trail Park is a recent addition (past couple of years) to the excellent list of Albemarle County parks. It contains 571 acres with “10 miles of trails for hiking, running, mountain biking and horseback riding.” Lets take some bikes and head on out (we’ll save the hiking, running, and horseback riding for another day). The topography is listed as being easy to moderate, which is great for mountain bikers of all levels, but especially for beginners. My usual local biking destinations include Ohill and Walnut Creek Park, which are very limited in beginner trails. Preddy Creek will be a nice change and offer a great place for beginners to learn how to mountain bike. No prior experience is necessary, but you should be in decent shape as mountain biking is an aerobic sport. The pace will be easy but please sign up no matter your skill level. The club has an excellent selection of front suspension mountain bikes, and before the ride I will go over how to use them. Expect to be on the trails for ~2 hours, give or take 30 minutes depending on how the group feels. My plan is to lead for ~1-1.5 hours then break from the group and try the new advanced trails where you are welcome to go, or you can do another loop on the beginner trails (very easy to follow).

I will need at least one driver to make this work; you will be added to the waitlist upon joining and then moved to the trip list if appropriate. I will limit the trip size based on the number of bikes I can carry, but may be able to expand the trip if multiple drivers sign up, especially if they can tote bikes. The trip may be canceled due to weather or trail conditions.

For park info check out:

For a trail map/info check out:

You should bring: Appropriate athletic attire (No baggie pants! The chainring will eat them). Water, water bottle, snacks, and your bike, helmet, and spare tubes if you have them.

The Club provides: mountain bikes (front suspension), tubes, bike transport, air pump, ga$.




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