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  • Jan 17
  • 10:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jan 17
  • 17:30:00
  • Cold Mountain


  • Jan 16
  • 22:00:00


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Cold Mountain just isn’t the same when it’s warm, so let’s head out this Saturday and tromp around those beautiful high mountain meadows.

Cold Mountain is a 5.8 mile circuit hike, located southwest of Charlottesville. Should take about 90 mins to get there, about 3-4 hours of hiking, and 90 mins back.
For full details, check out:

The place is called Cold Mountain for a reason. The past two times I’ve done this hike it was very cold, and there was several inches of snow on the ground. Dress warm and in layers, even if the Charlottesville forecast is for the upper 40s. Wear waterproof or water resistant boots if possible. If you’ve just got tennis shoes, some shopping bags over your socks should be pretty effective.

**Disclaimer** Last time I led a trip here with the club, there was several inches of snow on the road, so we had to add about 2 miles to the hike to get to the trailhead. I drive a dinky little sedan, so we may need to do this again depending on the snow situation.

What to bring:
– Water (at least 2L)
– Lunch & snacks
– Sturdy shoes, preferably waterproof
– Warm clothes and layers

I’ll have to limit the trip to 5 people unless another driver signs up (I’ll max it out at 10). Remember, drivers get trip priority and get reimbursed for gas plus a 30% tip!




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