Climbing (Bouldering) Climbing (Bouldering)


  • Nov 1
  • 12:00:00
  • Bank Of America Parking Lot, Barracks


  • Nov 3
  • 23:00:00
  • Horse Pens 40 - Steele, Al


  • Oct 29
  • 17:00:00


  • $12.00


‘The goal of the Triple Crown is twofold. First and foremost, the mission is to raise funds for two organizations dedicated to maintaining climbers’ access: the Southeastern Climbers’ Coalition and The Carolina Climbers’ Coalition. These two organizations have been instrumental in the acquisition of land for the climbing community, in a region that is riddled with access issues. Secondly, this unique event will once again provide a tremendous opportunity for vendors to promote the sport of bouldering, which has quickly become the focus of the ever growing climbing community.’

The comp organizers have not posted details yet, but I need to start a head count…. Plan is leave Friday at noon (this is about a 9~10 hours drive), climb/comp saturday (weather permitting), drive back sunday. Bring homework just in case the comp gets pushed back to sunday because we’ll be getting back nice and late if that’s the case.

As this is a big trip, I will be collecting 12$ per participant to help supplement costs for the club.

you will need to sign up for the comp at

you provide:
-climbing shoes,
-warm clothes
-chalk bag/chalk,
-entrance fee/ticket,
-crash pad if you have one
-Cash (for dinner saturday at the comp and raffle tickets if you want to participate)

club will provide
-up to 150$ gas money per vehicle (this is a long drive… any additional funds may need to be split evenly among the riders).
-breakfast and lunch saturday, possible snack saturday night, and breakfast sunday.
-camping fees up to 10$ per person.

Ride details will be determined closer to the event. I am planning on leaving at noon Friday as this is a 10 hour drive. Everyone will be waitlisted till other drivers sign up. Indicate desired departure times and if there is a later car leaving we will try and accommodate. With all the the crashpads that typically need to fit, we will need everyone to coordinate packing. We will also try to coordinate plans with the climbing team if necessary. We leave to return sunday morning.

Please let me know if you have any questions.




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