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  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 14
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  • Rockfish River


  • Apr 13
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Every time I take 29 south to go to Lynchburg, I’ve noticed the wayside by the passing of Rockfish River, and have thought that the water looks like it could have reasonable fishing. I haven’t yet found the excuse to try it, but before the Creekathon is a good chance to do so.

I don’t expect the river to have trout (this far down). The likely fish to catch are smallmouth bass, fallfish, and sunfish. The creel limit on bass is 5 per day, while the limit for bluegill is 50. I will likely catch-and-release for simplicity. Of course, if you’re optimistic, and think you will catch something to bring to the creekathon, I say go for it.

As this is a river with only moderate casting clearance, this is not a good place for a complete novice to learn to fish (cast). You must have some prior fly fishing experience to join this trip. Between the club gear and desire to not have a massive group on the river, I will limit the size to 4 people, and waitlist everyone to ensure proper qualifications. I may bump the limit up to 5 if another person has gear.

You provide:
> State freshwater fishing license
>> Buy at:
> Polarized sunglasses
> Fishing gear (+waders) if you have it
> Sandals if you are ok with chilly water.

Club provides:
> A ride
> Fishing gear if you need it:
>> 3 sets of rods
>> 2 waders (men’s size 9 and 10)

A word on licenses:
You may wish to look through the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ website to decide what license(s) you want. You will need a statewide freshwater license. Other fishing licenses that could be useful are: stocked trout license and national forest permit.

For regulations on fishing:




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