Climbing (Indoor Bouldering) Climbing (Indoor Bouldering)


  • Jan 14
  • 07:00 PM
  • Slaughter Student Rec Center


  • Jan 14
  • 08:15 PM
  • Slaughter Student Rec Center


  • Jan 14
  • 05:00 PM


  • $0


  • Slaughter Recreation Center, Edgemont Road, Charlottesville, VA, USA


On the second day of Shredmas John Cooney gave to me, a climbing workshop, two biking gloves, and a gnartridge in a pear tree.

~ Waitlist ~
Priority will be given to people who haven’t climbed before
~ Here’s the plan ~
7:00-7:15: you show up, fill out the waiver, and watch the Slaughter Orientation Video
7:15: We meet up and talk quickly about route ratings and climbing etiquette
7:22: we hit the wall, and I talk about climbing slang as we go
8:10ish: you realize that you now have everything you need to keep sending it on trips to slaughter, peak, and any other indoor bouldering facility this side of the Andromeda Galaxy
8:15: The trip is officially over but you can unofficially stay at Slaughter as long as you want

~ You Bring ~
– 1-2L of water
– Clothes you can climb in (I climb in a T-shirt and leggings)
– An active IM/Rec membership (if you’re currently a student you have this)
– An insatiable desire to send it

~ You don’t need to bring ~
– Climbing shoes! Slaughter has these in abundance and you can borrow them for free, so unless you really want to borrow some from the gear room you don’t have to (although you can if you want to)

~ about Shredmas ~
Twas the night before Shredmas and all through the Grounds
Not a student was studying, they were all out of town
They were hiking, trail running, and climbing on rocks
All while wearing their best SmartWool socks

The students were ready to get out and shred,
While each had a headlamp worn bright on their head.
For 12 days of magic they continued to send
And wished that Shredmas wouldn’t come to an end.

But alas, all too soon, it was the very last day,
But the good news was Moab is just two months away!
So remember this, and don’t feel too hurt—
I wish you all a good life full of peace, love, and dirt.




Trips Attended: 77 Trips Led: 50



Trips Attended: 65 Trips Led: 26

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