Social Events, Potlucks etc. Social Events, Potlucks etc.


  • Mar 15
  • 20:00:00
  • Ben & Jerry's at Barracks Road


  • Mar 15
  • 21:00:00
  • Ben & Jerry's at Barracks Road


  • Mar 15
  • 15:00:00


  • $0.00


Ahh, the Vermonster. Perhaps the world’s biggest and greatest sundae. Each one has 20 scoops of delicious Ben & Jerry’s ice cream or frozen yogurt, topped with fudge brownies, chocolate chip cookies, 4 bananas, 4 full ladles of hot fudge, lots of whipped cream, and whatever crushed candy and other toppings y’all decide to add on at the shop … weighing in at 8 to 9 pounds each for a total of 40+ pounds of Ben & Jerry’s bliss! Can we do it, can we devour not 1, not 3, but 5 Vermonsters?!!! We’ll order one or two dedicated to frozen yogurt if there is enough interest, and the others with yummy ice cream.

Pick out your one favorite flavor below before signing up! Most of the flavors are described at the first website provided (click “ice cream” or “frozen yogurt” on the left bar). A few are at the second website provided. Here are the flavors currently available at the Cville store.

brownie batter
oatmeal cookie chunk
uncanny cashew
butter pecan
cherry Garcia
cookie dough
chocolate fudge brownie
chocolate peanut butter truffle
chunky monkey
coconut almond fudge chip
coffee heath bar crunch
coffee coffee buzz buzz buzz
chocolate chip
mint chocolate chunk
new york super fudge chunk
one sweet whirl
peanut butter cup
phish food
sweet cream & cookies
triple caramel chunk
vanilla heathbar crunch

black raspberry
cherry garcia
chocolate fudge brownie

Final notes: We’ll scoop the ice cream out of the huge sundae buckets into individual cups if you want, or we can just dig in and attack. There is a water fountain there. If this trip doesn’t fill up, non-members can come for $3 cash IF you email Matt (mpr3s) names by 3pm Saturday. If you want to come socialize but don’t want to eat, that’s cool, just show up but don’t sign up online. This is an opportunity to reunite with friends from past outdoors adventures, to make new friends with similar interests, and chat about ideas for future adventures.

Outdoors at UVa provides:

1/3 the cost of the Vermonsters ($50 total, the club policy limit for social adventures)

You must bring:

Please bring $2 cash. Sorry, can’t use club bux.




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