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  • Roanoke, VA, USA


Shalom my brothers and sisters,

I’ve been thinking about doing the triple crown, so I mentioned this sentiment to the infamous “Max StClair” and he was like “hell yea bruther” but then we were forced to contemplate: do we spread this monster of a hike over two days or do we do the unthinkable and SEND IT IN ONE DAY? I imagine you know which one we chose. The plan is leaving friday afternoon, camping that night, getting up while the owls are still hootin and hollerin, and hike into the morning for as long as the thang takes. I’m imagining the 3mph walking pace (which comes out to abt 12 hrs of walking total), but we may go a little faster, we may go a little slower, and we will take breaks because there are some amazing sites on this hike and it would be a damn shame to not admire the beauty of the best state in the world. I am confident that this will be a doable hike for most people but it will admittedly be really long so please keep that in mind when signing up.

Here are a few thoughts to think. First, this is a 38 mile loop (not sure why alltrails says 34). Not to be obvious, but that is the equivalent of finishing a 19 mile hike and deciding to start the whole thing again. It’s long. It will be dark when we start and most likely dark when we finish. That said, I think almost all hikers can do many times more than what they know they’re capable of so don’t worry if you haven’t done anything close to that yet. Also, we are setting an aid station 17 miles in which can be used as a bailout point. The intent is to just pick up water and snacks and all keep going, but it can be used to bail and drive back, so it’s not life-or-death to finish. Finally, we will all be cowboy camping. If you’re not familiar, it means camping without a tent or other shelter, just with a bed pad/sleeping bag/pillow if you’d like on the ground. I’ve heard its a nice grassy field. This is to avoid a long delay of breaking down tents in the dark at 3 in the morning.

Rough Timeline:
Leave from Echols around 5pm on Friday
Set an aid station/bailout car
Arrive at the trailhead
Camp for the night near the parking lot/trailhead
Wake up at around 5am (I know it’s early, but the sooner we start, the more likely we can finish before dark) and hike to Dragon’s tooth for sunrise (maybe cook + eat breakfast there?)
Suffer through another 35 miles
Complete the sufferfest! (this could reasonably be anywhere 6pm-12am)
Find a 24-hr fast food chain?
Drive home whenever were done
Arrive in cville, could be 8pm could be 2am

You should bring…
Sleeping Bag and Mat
Food for the night before (car camping)
Food for the hike (LOTS of calories that can be easily packed, I think 4000 calories is sufficient)
Water Bottle
Very solid shoes
Rain Gear
Money for dinner otw home?
Backpack to put it all in (excluding sleeping bag and pad)

We will provide…
Refill water stashed at various points on the trail
JetBoil (to cook ramen and things)

Notes: Drivers get priority off waitlist, as well as anyone who’s hiked extensively before. Drivers are reimbursed plus a 50% tip (max tip: $20)




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