Build Dat Trail, Shred Dat Single Track

Garrett Tanner

yoo Famm, If you couldn’t tell by the recent hail and wide range of temperature changes, Spring has sprung!!! ~And we all know what that means… its time to shred!!~ Our ODC friendz, at the beautiful Ridgeside B&B in Afton, have been nice enough to let us help build their tasty single track – so tasty you’ll be satiated full …

Moab Spring Break 2017!

Jeremy Kemp

HELLO Outdoors Club!! It’s the best time of the year…… the 3rd Annual Moab Spring Break trip is coming up! This is relevant to you if you (1) don’t have set in stone Spring Break plans. (2) enjoy bona fide adventures of all the best varieties: hiking, backpacking, mountain biking (literally the best in the world), climbing, trail running, skinny …

Pre-Tgivz Day Climb Sesh: Earn Dat Turk

Garrett Tanner

Are you a loser like me and are still in town on the day before TGivz?!? Then let us bask in our loserness together as we climb The Junkyard in The New River Gorge!! There is even all-the-crack-you-can-squeeze-your-bod-into! Trip Deets: Where: Junkyard in The New River Gorge It is about 3.5 Hr drive but there is huge number and range …

Sugary Sunday Mountain Biking at Bryce

Kit Guncheon

Our shred overlords have gifted the magical trails of Bryce Resort to us for one more month; let’s experience the downhill bliss this upcoming Sunday. The trails at Bryce are downhill only; you and your bike will hop on a ski lift to get back to the top. A day pass costs $35 while a 4-hour pass costs $30; let’s …

Wed Mtb Sufferfest at Whetstone

Kit Guncheon

Come explore a beautiful ridgeline trail called Whetstone that is just an hour sw of Charlottesville. This trail in the heart of the blue ridge is delightfully difficult sounding. 11.5 miles of trail plus another 9.5 miles of road back to the car. Total elevation gain is about 3500′. This will be an all day ride. PLAN: -Leave cville at …

Adv Mtb – the Shred That Got Away

Kit Guncheon

Last weekend, we tried our darndest to plummet from 4500′ on two wheels at Reddish Knob, but the shredlords pushed us to drier land. This Friday, we renew our spirits and probably scare ourselves in the process. We’ll be doing some intense mountain biking all day if time permits. THE PLAN: -Leave cville in the morning (~930) -Leave a car …

Freedom Park Adv Mountain Biking

Kit Guncheon

Let’s bike tomorrow at Freedom Park in Williamsburg. This trail (C) features awesome jumps such are all optional. Let’s see if we can’t hurt ourselves before nrge. BRING: Bike Helmet Water Snacks Leave in the morning, return by 3. Holler with any questions

An Impossibly Shreddy Weekend – Adv Mtb in Asheville

Kit Guncheon

Asheville, North Carolina is home to some of the best biking trails in the country. Steep, rooty, rocky and fast downhills cover the area. Let’s spend a weekend exploring them. These trails are very technical and are for very experienced riders only. Sign up if you have enough riding experience to handle long, tough miles. THE PLAN: -Leave Cville early …

Rivanna River Tire Clean-Up: Canoe/Kayak/Shred – Rescheduled

Kit Guncheon

Trying to paddle down a river and pick up tires. Weather for Sunday looks righteous, so let’s flunking do it. Description from last time (people from last trip have priority) ———————————————————————— If you’ve ever been in the Rivanna River, you know 1. how gorgeous it is and 2. how much trash (i.e. tires) is dumped there. I say we all …

Rivanna River Tire Clean-Up: Canoe/Kayak/Shred

Kit Guncheon

Hey yos, If you’ve ever been in the Rivanna River, you know 1. how gorgeous it is and 2. how much trash (i.e. tires) is dumped there. I say we all take some shredamphetamines and with our blood pumping and pupils dialated, clean up some of the mess left behind by totally unrad people. This upcoming Tuesday morn’, we’ll head …

Int/Adv Preddy Mountain Biking

Kit Guncheon

Yahooligans, I’m in need of some intensity. The goal is to get wet and wild in the woods this Thursday around 1. We’ll be going to Preddy Creek (13 miles away) and get about two or three hours of solid biking in on these unbelievable trails. I’m flexible on departure and return time, so answer the questions accordingly. If you …