A Match Made in Heaven: Intermediate Climbing and Storytelling at Little Wilson

Benjamin Vogel

****—-Trip Cancelled for Weather 🙁 —-**** This trip is part of the BOONE, NC mega-trip. We will be leaving DIRECTLY from the campsite, so IF YOU GET ON this trip, make sure to sign up for the carpool associated with the mega-trip: Abstract/Intro: Hey all, I love hearing stories and I love telling my own. I also love climbing, …

Bmt Intermediate Moutnain Biking: Warrior Creek

Matthew Houff

***This trip is part of the Boone Mega-Trip (BMT)*** so be sure to check out the larger trip carpool for details. We will be leaving straight back to Cville after this ride so keep that in mind. Trail Details: This trail should be pretty smooth rolling and a great way to end the weekend! This trail will probably be …