Hiking with the Devil(‘s Marbleyard)

Mason Riffee

The devil went down to Echols He was lookin’ for a trip to attend He was in a bind Halloween a full week behind And he was certain he’d enjoy the SEND When he came upon these young shredheads Sloggin’ in with their sneakers and 2 liters of water And the devil jumped Up on a hickory stump And said, …

Hoppin’ Boulders, Bushwhackin’ & Hikin’ to One of VA’s Best Views

Matthew Rosefsky

Come hike to a ginormous boulder field where each of us will choose our own path hopping up, around, inside, between, under and through boulders to the top with a pretty great view along the way. Then the adventure ain’t done yet, time to bushwhack carry on past the boulder field off-trail to meet up with a different trail, taking …