Reading days for reading

Joseph Abbe

I definitely don’t use my hammock nearly enough, so why not relax during finals and use a reading day exactly what they’re meant for. I mean I won’t be studying, but at least I’ll be reading. Garden 7 is a pretty chill place with some nice trees, and the weather will hopefully be pleasant. Come to read, nap, or just …

Pre finals Hammocking

Joseph Abbe

The high for sunday looks pretty nice so why not enjoy it? garden 7 is a pretty nice place to chill, hammock and enjoy what time we have before finals start. Bring a hammock or a blanket if you have one. I’ll be bringing my own and probably a book to read. The time is not exact, stay for however …

Hammocking/Picnicking/Relaxing in garden VII

Joseph Abbe

Hi all, if you’re like me then you just had a bunch of exams and would now just like to relax outside. So one of those great places is Garden VII. I’m just gonna bring a hammock, snacks, and a book. So pretty chill afternoon since it no longer says that it’s going to rain tomorrow afternoon. Might be a …