Ultra-Trail Running / Wilderness Medicine Lecture @ the Med School Wed Feb 24th 5pm

Chris Winstead-Derlega

What: Dr. George Wortley “Tarahumara : Lessons Learned” When: TOMORROW Wednesday February 24th @ 5:00pm Where: The School of Medicine Claude Moore (Medical Education 3rd floor) Auditorium off JPA near the hospital. Interested in trail running, ultra running, wilderness medicine, or mexico? This is an exciting opportunity to hear from a local outdoor medicine explorer and extreme runner. Dr. George …

The Annual Post-Finals Snowshoe Trip

Evan Wilson

Skiers and Snowboarders, it’s that time of year again. Finals are coming to an end, and Snowshoe is filling up with snow. If you’ve ever been on this trip you know it’s a great time. We’re done with school and now there’s only one thing on your mind: Hitting the slopes! The plan is to lave Saturday morning, and come …