Trail Trudgery Pt Two

Lily Gates

Last week’s jog gave us the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful crunchy fall morning and got a few people out on their fist adventure, so I think we should do it again. In case you missed the last description of the haps here is nearly word for word how it went: we’ll go at a nice light and relaxed pace …

Girl On Rock?….. You Know The Rest.

Victoria Alvarez

Yup. Don’t pretend like you’re doing something cooler than this with your Sunday. Heard that one before, bruh. Just come climbing. That simple. The Rundown: -Leaving from the ODC House (116 Washington Ave – by Scott Stadium) at 11:00 AM -Drive 1 hr 15ish to Peak -*You know what goes here* (climb, climb, climb, climb, climb – duh) -Drive home, …