Snowshoe Season Passes for $249!!

Lindsay Jamerson

Hey folks, Last year was a HUGE success with the Snowshoe pass. We were up at the mountain most every weekend with most trips costing around $20-30 bucks for food and lodging for the whole weekend. It was cheaper for me to stay and ride a weekend in Snowshoe, WVa than it was to live and eat in Charlottesville. Plus …

Snowshoe Season Pass for $200… That’s Right, Not $500

Brian Tai

Alright peoples, I got excited when I found out that Snowshoe was starting a college pass program this season. Considering a single lift ticket there is $65 I was pretty stoked for the new $300 price tag. $300 is already $200 off the $500 regular price for a season pass. Why settle for 40% off? =) After a few calls …