Hammies and Jammies

Anna-kin Flywalker, Shredi Master

Friends, Romans, Crunchymen, Save the date! The Friday forecast is looking fine and I’m throwing a pajama party to celebrate it. Here are the details: Who? You. What? Enjoying the last days of sun before next week’s rain. When? 2:30pm on Friday the 8th. Where? The triangle of grass across from the Corner Why? Because I said so. How? Set …

Post-Hurricane Hammock??

Molly Gonenne

Although Hurricane Florence played all of us and we are disappointed by the lack of 80mph winds/20+ inches of rain, it has been kind of dreary lately. But HERE COMES THE SUN! It’s supposed to be nice Wednesday through Friday next week, according to my reliable weather app, so who’s down to lay around in some hammocks and enjoy the …

First Annual Uva Hammock Jamboree!

Jeremy Kemp

If you have an ENO / hammock or want to check one out from the club for this, then come and catch V I B E S. My vision is massive network of hammocks strung between various combinations of trees in a cluster…. weather is supposed to be 70 and sunny!! Super straightforward. Bring your hammock, instruments / snacks if …