Who We Are

Outdoors at UVA is a 100% student-run organization based in Charlottesville, VA. With over 800 active members, we are the largest Club on Grounds and we proudly welcome students, alums, and community members alike.

Adventure is our business! Our goal is not only to help others get outside, but to inspire a lifelong love for the outdoors.
We accomplish this by breaking down the barriers to entry of adventuring outside. For almost no cost at all, our members have access to:

  • Thousands of dollars of high-quality gear
  • Transportation to and from adventure destinations
  • Unforgettable trips all over the US
  • Vital skill-building and leadership opportunities.
  • And that doesn't include the wonderful friendships and lasting connections that also come out of many of our excursions. This past year, our members led over 700 trips! These included activities like hiking, mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, and rock climbing - just a handful of the many adventures we offer.

    Outdoors at UVA is committed to expanding opportunities for YOU to enjoy the outdoors, so we hope that you'll join us on our next adventure!

    Outdoors at UVA is a group of students and community members united by their desire to enjoy outdoor activities with friends, while promoting safety and environmental preservation, educating others about nature, and developing leadership skills.


    Outdoors at UVA is pleased to offer its members a variety of outdoor activities.  The best part about our activities is: no experience necessary! We strive to maintain a beginner-friendly atmosphere and accomodate trips for all skill levels. Members also have numerous opportunities to learn about each of our different sports and build skill along the way. 

    Our activities are entirely led by Club members, many of whom have years of experience and training in their respective sports. Below, you'll get a taste of our most popular sports, but that's not all that we do with our time. As a Club, we aspire to do everything there is to do outside! The Club's officers constantly seek out new challenges and experiences for our members keeping in mind our top priorities of safety and fun.