Why Donate?

In 2013 - 2014, funding for Outdoors At UVA hit an all-time low. We received 50% of the typical funding and support that had the previous two years, that had been lower than the years before then. This downward trend continued, but we have strived to continue providing a safe environment for our club members and encouraging outdoor activities.

We provide gear, that was once new, free of charge to members and from time to time they need replacing. If we were to put our funding to replacing gear, we would run out before it was all replaced, and wouldn't have any left to enable the Adventures that are the core of our club. Alternatively, if we dedicated all our funding to the Adventures themselves, we would be severely limited on what Adventures we could have, based on the usability of the gear at hand.

Your donation helps us balance the two, making up for shortages on whichever is in the most need. Thank you for your support!

If you wish to mail your donation instead, please make it payable to "Outdoors at UVA" and mail it to:

Outdoors at UVA
P.O. Box 400444
Charlottesville, VA 22904

or drop it off (no postage needed) at Newcomb Hall, box 400444.