🔥Thursday Bonfire🔥

Hey hey hey all my garden gnomes, forest fairies, river bugs and mountain trolls!

We are BACK with BONFIRES!!!!! Who doesn’t love a nice evening sitting by the fire in the Shred Shack back yard (116 Washington Ave), roasting marshmallows, chatting about life, sticking your toes in the mud, maybe even sipping on a little PBR. 

Here’s the deal, for those of you who don’t know: about once every other week we love to gather by the firepit in the Shrack backyard for bonfires to have a chill evening and catch up with all our ODC friends who we may not see on trips. These nights are chill and far from party nights and are open to anyone and everyone (the more the merrier). 

We will provide a few snacks (aka s’mores fixings) and a handful of leftover drinks from the party but generally BYOB if you want anything! 

SO excited to see yall around the firepit THIS THURSDAY (8/31) at 8:30 pm at 116 Washington Avenue!!! (to get to the backyard just go around the side of the house 🙂 !)


Peace, love and dirt

Jade and the Officers 🙂