Helllllllo friends! Do YOU love ODC? Do YOU want to brag about the fact that you are, in fact, a member of UVA’s most swag, cool and outdoorsy club? Then the time has come for you to place an order for ODC merch for the Spring. We’re doing things a bit differently than we have in the past- and this time we are asking you to preorder the merch you want so we have a better idea of how much to order! Please read the following carefully so this goes as smoothly as possible.



Outdoors at UVA 2022 Merch Order Form


Please fill out honestly and accurately what you will be purchasing! Otherwise we will have sad and lonely t-shirts with no homes 🙁


This form will close in a WEEK (next Tuesday).


Only select a size under items you WANT! If you don’t want the item, leave it BLANK!!!


If you want multiple of something, you can fill out this form multiple times, or select multiple sizes within the same form.


Merch will be available for pickup next semester at select merch pickup times, or at your regularly scheduled gear rooms. We’ll make sure you get your garb! This is when you will pay – either by check or venmo (more details to come once merch is in our hands).


Can’t wait to see you all repping ODC swag next semester!


Peace, <3 and dirt,

The Officers