Earth day is a very special holiday, so we’ve decided to have an ABC^2 KEGGER in its honor THIS THURSDAY (since a Monday party just won’t do). A Thursday party may be an unconventional ODC activity, but this is THE LAST ODC PARTY OF THE YEAR so be there or be square you hooligans!!!!

It will start at 9pm at 116 Washington ave on Thursday the 25th!

Now what is ABC^2 you ask??

ANYTHING BUT CLOTHES AND ANYTHING BUT CUPS!!! This means that you should come dressed in bags, cardboard, curtains, sheets, tents, hammocks, ANYTHING but clothes* and bring (anything but) a cup for drinking out of as well (were having a kegggg so no cans!)!! You get points for creativity in the type of vessel of course. 

At said kegger we invite people to do any combination of these activities:

  1. contemplating environmental issues and helping to raise awareness for them
  2. celebrating how lucky we are as humans to have this amazing planet
  3. dancing and prancing in the grass
  4. Doing keg stands so you don’t even need to bring a cup

Please come celebrate with us this Thursday! Bring your friends! Bring your mom! Bring your leopard gecko!

*We wanted to include a disclaimer in this announcement because we want this party to be a safe and comfortable space for all of our party attendees! We want to encourage people to be crafty, creative, and sustainable with their outfits, but we are NOT requiring people to dress in ABC if they are not comfortable with doing so! 

This means that you can ABSOLUTELY come in normal clothes – ABC is just one way to express the Earth love!! feel free to dress however you’d like, if its earthy colors, crunchy clothes, or your normal go to outfit!

The shred shack is a safe space for people to dress in any way that they like (please no nudity though!) and this party is NO EXCEPTION! But def bring a cup if u want beer from tha keg!!!!

Here is some inspo in case you have never attended such a party before:

I hope to see you all there for my last ODC party ever….

Chain lube, Ursacks , Nalgenes, and Trad,

Jade & The Officers <3