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  • Jan 12
  • 10:00 AM
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jan 12
  • 05:45 PM
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jan 10
  • 10:00 PM


  • $10.00


  • Peak Experiences - Richmond, Overbrook Road, Richmond, VA, USA


On the first day of Shredmas Austin Sullivan gave to me, a trip to Richmond to rock climb at Peak.

~ Plan ~
10:00am Leave from Echols dorm
11:15am Arrive at peak and start climbing
4:20pm Head back to Charlottesville
5:45ish Arrive back in CVille

~ Gear ~
– Belay device (available at the gear room)
– Climbing Shoes (available at the gear room or for rental at Peak)
– Harness (available at the gear room or for rental at Peak)
– 1-2L of water (not available at the gear room)
– Snackies (also not available at the gear room)
– An unquenchable thirst for shred (found only within yourself)

~ Cost ~
This trip is $10 because that’s how much it costs to get an ODC day pass at peak.

~ Waiver ~
If you have never been to Peak before you should FILL OUT THIS WAIVER so that you can start sending it immediately upon our arrival at the gym.

~ Waitlist ~
Priority will be given to drivers and people that know how to belay and are down to climb for several hours.

~ Drivers ~
We <3 your car (driving ability). The club pays for gas and a 50% tip up to $20 if you drive. You also get priority off the waitlist.

~ about Shredmas ~
Twas the night before Shredmas and all through the Grounds
Not a student was studying, they were all out of town
They were hiking, trail running, and climbing on rocks
All while wearing their best SmartWool socks

The students were ready to get out and shred,
While each had a headlamp worn bright on their head.
For 12 days of magic they continued to send
And wished that Shredmas wouldn’t come to an end.

But alas, all too soon, it was the very last day,
But the good news was Moab is just two months away!
So remember this, and don’t feel too hurt—
I wish you all a good life full of peace, love, and dirt.




Trips Attended: 77 Trips Led: 50



Trips Attended: 15 Trips Led: 2

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