Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)


  • Jun 16
  • 08:00:00
  • Vienna, VA


  • Jun 16
  • 20:00:00
  • Vienna, VA


  • Jun 13
  • 22:00:00


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We all know that half of UVA lives in northern Virginia, so this trip targets the NoVA folks (although the Cville people are also welcome to join).

Let’s go on a 20 mile day hike on the Appalachian Trail. We’ll start on Route 7 and hike north to Harper’s Ferry, where we will be rewarded by a beautiful view. The topography is pretty flat and we won’t carry enormous backpacks, so the 20 miles is more than doable. (At the same time, hiking experience is strongly encouraged.)

As far as logistics:
1) Bring food to energize yourself during the day (high in calories, fat, and protein). To give you an idea, I might bring Poptarts, a Clif bar, beef jerky, M&Ms, and a sandwich. And of course, bring lots of water (3-4 liters, if we don’t have a water filter).
2) We need at least 2 cars (for the start and end point), so drivers will get priority off the waiting list. (You will be reimbursed for gas.) I may expand the trip if we have enough drivers and interest.
3) We’ll probably meet in Vienna, and then pick more people up in Manassas.
4) I will hike rain or shine, so bring a change of clothes if the forecast predicts rain.




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