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  • Apr 19
  • 12:00:00
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Apr 21
  • 23:00:00
  • Asheville, NC


  • Feb 15
  • 21:00:00


  • $75.00


I’ve been super stoked to see so many trail running trips posted last semester. Let’s keep up that momentum by training and running an epic race on April 20th in the Montreat Wilderness just outside Asheville, NC.

Race description –
“The Seven Sisters 25k is a monstrous mountain of a run around the East and West ridges of the Montreat Wilderness! This route is a Western North Carolina classic, but it will be the first time it will be held as a race. Although short in distance, this route will leave you in awe at its beauty and its difficulty.

The route passes over multiple peaks and overlooks including; Lookout Rocks, Rocky Head, Graybeard, Rattlesnake Rocks, and of course the Seven Sisters themselves along the treacherous West Ridge Trail. Come prepared to run this beast!”

Check out their video and other details here –

Race details –
Saturday April 20th, 2019
25 k or ~15 miles
4000k feet elevation change
5 hour cutoff time
Register and pay here –

Trip Timeline
– Friday April 19th, 12 pm: Drive 5.5 hours to pick up race packets by 7pm. There is pickup in the morning if we don’t make it.
– Saturday April 20th, 9am: Race begins
– Saturday afternoon: Eat, Relax, Explore Asheville maybe?
– Sunday morning: Explore more or head back to cville.

Trip Details
– Food: I will bring stoves, pots, gas etc. Because individual diets before a race very so much, food is left to you.
– Camping: I will book a place with showers/restrooms about 15 minutes from the race. Club reimburses $10pp. Any remaining cost will be split.
– Transportation: We need drivers! Gas is reimbursed by the club + $20 tip. It’s a 5 and half hour drive each way.

– There are approximately 100 days until race day! That should be
plenty of time to get in shape even if you’re a beginner.
– You are responsible for your physical fitness on race day.
– We have a running groupme for organizing informal group runs.
– Email me if you have questions

Signup Deadline – February 15th.
If you would like to sign up afterwards, email me with a short description of your running condition. The deadline is to make sure everyone has enough time to train.

Things You Bring:
An Outdoors Club shirt – to run in.
Sleeping bag
sleeping pad
Trail Running shoes – make sure you have a good pair. If in doubt head to ragged mountain running store. They do a great job assessing your gait.

“You must carry required gear. This includes a rain shell, at least a 20oz water carrying device, a whistle, cell phone, and an emergency blanket.”

If you have any questions please email me.

Happy Trails!




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