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  • Mar 5
  • 15:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Mar 12
  • 22:00:00
  • Cumberland Island, GA


  • Mar 2
  • 11:00:00


  • $150.00


This trip is gonna be hopping for sure and you wont want to miss out on this journey of a lifetime. Spring break on an island in the southern reaches of the U.S. its gonna be goodies for sure. This is an awesome chance to hit up some warm weather and beaches without having to sell yourself out on the corner to afford it.

First disclaimer I am still in the process of working reservations for ferrys and camping so let that be known that whole trip is dependent on that I will keep you updated on the moods of ferry and backcountry pass Gods.

One last word from me before I proceed to copy and past from old trips. This will not be a sit on your ass and drink on the beach kind of spring break at all so please dont sign up if that is what you have been dreaming of. We will be doing lots galavanting through the wilderness among other things so just be ready for that. No worries though there will still be a decent dose of chilling time built in just dont expect to get fat on this trip.

(Stole from Samuel Townsend)
Cumberland Island is on the southern coast of Georgia. This island boasts over 50 miles of hiking trails, as well as many designated backcountry camp sites. The island has several scenic hiking loops that “meander through maritime forests, interior wetlands, historic districts, marsh ecosystems, and beautiful beaches.” Check out the map at:

With over 50 miles to walk around in totally undeveloped backcountry, this trip will center primarily on backpacking, and since we could cover anywhere between 3-15 miles in a day, bring your walking legs. But don’t be fooled, there is plenty to do, from beach soccer to frisbee to slacklining to sleeping on a completely empty beach. The world will be our oyster so to speak.

Tentative Itinerary(dont hate me if it changes)
Leave Friday to Uwharrie National Park
Sat. get up early maybe hike there a little bit then drive to Cumberland
spend the night somewhere near Cumberland could be a hotel
Sunday- Wednesday/Thursday on Cumberland
Can also go to Okefinoki Swamp, or Crooked River State Park
Leave Cumberland Island area and drive to Hunting Island(or somewhere closer to home) spend night there
Friday start early for home could stop at Dismal Swamps maybe as well

-up to $150 in gas + up to $10 extra for wear and tear for each driver
-emotional support(but not food money sorry blame the economy)
-camping/backcountry passes
-packs, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tents, water filters etc.
-Jolly times!

-hotel stay ~$15
-snacks/meals for the car
-ferry ride ($17)
-2/3 of Okefenokee canoe rental ($12)
-gas money over $150 ($10/person?)
-Food around $10 a person per day= $70
Total cost to you: ~around $120?!?! but it could grow

Pack rain cover*/heavy duty trash bags for lining (I will pick some of these up)
Sleeping Bag*
Sleeping pad*
Headlamp* and extra batteries

Spoon + fork (or spork)
Tupperware bowl
Water bottles (2 Nalgenes or 2 litres total, I use several nalgenes)

Broken-in hiking boots (you NEED ankle support! It is rough terrain!)
2 pair thick hiking socks (smartwool etc. NO cotton!)
Shorts (lightweight, quick drying)
Long pants (lightweight, NO jeans or cotton!)
Tight capeline underarmour
Waterproof/water resistant pants
T-shirt (synthetic, avoid cotton)
Fleece pullover (thin, as a 2nd layer)
Thick fleece, windstopper or polarloft jacket (to go over 2nd layer)
Rain Gear (breathable if possible, must fit over other layers!)
Hat (warm that covers the ears)
Camp shoes (crocs, clogs, tennis shoes)
Swim suit

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Pack towel (if you have one)
Contact lenses/glasses

Most importantly, your spirit of adventure!!!!

*you can get these items from the club

Drivers get first dibs as usual and will add couple spots when things settle in




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