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  • Oct 5
  • 17:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 5
  • 20:00:00
  • 128 Piedmont Ave N.


  • Oct 4
  • 17:00:00


  • $2.00


Back by popular demand: acorn cooking and backpacking stove workshop!

Our club survivalist, Roland, will meet the group at Echols. He will talk about acorns while the groups gather acorns on west campus and on the way to my house near Runk. There we will turn the acorns into something delicious.

This is where part 2 comes in – stove workshop. The acorns will need to be shelled, boiled, and food processed (mortar and pestle are so last century). During this time we can discuss backpacking food and stove operation. Everybody will get to light a stove (this can be harder than you think) and we will use various stove methods including boiling, makeshift baking, and frying to make a variety of foods such as flatbread/pancakes, dumplings, and muffins/bread then sample our wares.

The trip will cost $2 to cover expenses of the other ingredients.

What to bring: $2 in ones, a plate or bowl, and a bag to collect acorns in (the cloth grocery bags work wonderfully). You will want something that you can loop over your arm. Also, since we’ll be fairly sedentary, bring a fleece if it is cool out.

Club provides: stoves, fuel, recipes, knowledge

PS – If you are allergic to any sort of nuts, please be aware that you could be allergic to acorns too. We don’t want to take the chance.




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