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  • Sep 8
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  • Pacific Crest Trail In Washington State


  • Sep 18
  • 19:30:00
  • Pacific Crest Trail In Washington State


  • Aug 31
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Shall we go for a wee stretch of our leggies, just a slight total of 19,500 feet elevation gain over 108 miles, carrying all of our gear and food without resupply for 11 days and 10 nights? [The math: that’s an average of 11.4 miles and 2,050 feet elevation gain each day (some days more, maybe some days less)]. This trip is *not* at high altitude / does not risk altitude illness.

From this trailhead in Washington State, I’ve backpacked southbound on the Pacific Crest Trail, and it was astoundingly beautiful and nicely adventurous. I’ve heard going Northbound from this trailhead is even more incredible. We’ll one-way-it from Steven’s Pass to High Bridge Camp, and then kick back as the Lady of the Lake ferries us downriver through beautiful canyons back to civilization.

Who the heck am I, ye might ask, entrusting your fare-goodness to for a dozen or so days? Normally I keep this on the down-low, but for such a trip you might have a need-to-know. This glorious club had its humble beginnings some years ago with four amazing people, and me.

DATES: On-trail September 8-18, 2018. I fly out September 7, and arrive home September 19. Combination of flights and buses to get to trailhead; trail head is a Northwestern Trailways bus stop.

PACE: minimum 3.0 out of 5; Leader Matt will discuss this with each prospective participant. Each participant will enjoy hiking at his/her own desired pace (at least 3.0 average) with others or alone as desired, and each will have a walkie-talkie for frequent safety check-in contact with other participants.

PRE-REQUISITE: You must be an expert backpacker, *or* have completed at least 3 backpacking trips in the 12 months preceding this adventure including one of at least 50 miles over at least 5 to 7 continuous nights without resupply on mountainous terrain.

FEES: none — just split shared expenses if there are any, and care for your own personal expenses. The club will not be covering your expenses, except perhaps partial reimbursement if several sign up and carpool.

Group size: Goal is 4 to 8.

This trip’s leader is a Wilderness EMT and Geo Medic, is the instructor of the Wilderness First Aid & CPR courses posted in the club, and will be happy to help anyone in need.

Community backpacking adventure with local Sierra Club. Everyone will be required to sign a liability waiver. Leave No Trace (LNT) ethics will be followed on this trip. If you join this adventure, then you are pledging to adhere to LNT principles.

This adventure will provide memories and views that will last a lifetime.

~ father shred




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