Kayaking (River) Kayaking (River)
Kayaking (Whitewater) Kayaking (Whitewater)


  • Mar 24
  • 08:00:00
  • 710B Bolling Ave


  • Mar 24
  • 22:00:00
  • West Virginia


  • Mar 23
  • 20:00:00


  • $0.00


Springtime means kayaking time! Let’s go paddling Sunday, somewhere awesome. Location is totally flow dependent, and decision likely will not be made until Saturday.

It WILL most likely be class IV, and it will also be very cold water with chilly air temps.

To come on this trip you need to have a solid roll and solid boat control in class III+ to IV water. You must have paddled Goshen or equivalent at least once without incident. Keep in mind that the general rule of thumb is that cold water adds about a class to any run (so goshen could be considered solid class IV). If you have questions about your ability to do this trip, email me!

The water will be cold and the air will probably be colder, so be prepared. The club has cold water gear if you need it, but you need to email me asap if you need any of this. You also need to email me if you need ANY boating gear–kayak, paddle, pfd, etc–so I can coordinate with Dave Clark.

You provide: kayaking and cold water gear you have it, warm clothes and towel for after, water, lunch, snack food, closed toed river appropriate shoes

Club provides: gas $$, kayaking/cold water gear if you need it.




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