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  • Mar 14
  • 07:15:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Mar 14
  • 17:15:00
  • Dean Farm


  • Mar 10
  • 12:00:00


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Here is a great service project for those around over spring break (There are two days of events, different locations each day).

Here is the description provided by Robert Jennings, of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

Friday we’ll be going to a farm right on Route 33 a few miles east of Harrisonburg, in Penn Laird. Mr. Bobby Dean, the farmer/owner, has placed many acres of his cattle farm into conservation reserve along several waterways. Riparian plantings were done on his land several years ago, and well, these things require maintenance. Simply planting trees and handing all future maintenance over to the farmer can be a bit overwhelming to them. So, we plan to follow up with our previous plantings as much as we can and head out to these site to spruce them up a bit and give back to the producer. Getting rid of old tree tubes, straightening up tubes, getting rid of dead plantings, picking up trash, and possibly replanting more sapling in empty tubes are all part of the chores we’ll be doing that day. At lunch, we’ll sit down with Mr. Dean and folks will have an opportunity have a conversation with him and thank him for his efforts, ask questions and more.

You bring:
> Appropriate clothing
> Gloves, if you have them
> Water (2L at least)

Club provides:
> Rides
> Food for service trips!




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