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If you’ve got those post-Moab withdrawals (I do) and just wanna keep sending it (forever and ever and ever), come hang out with me! Learn the ins/outs of trip leading with the Club so you can shred, shred, shred whenever you want.

Trip leaders are THE backbone of this club (no lie), and the best way to start adventuring is to lead your own trip! So whatcha waitin for?

***If you’re new to the out of doors, sweet! No experience necessary.

WHY??? (Psssh cuz it’s cool—duh)

– Get to hang out where you want and when you want with your fellow
Outdoorsy friends
– Get to make (and leave others with) unforgettable memories
– Gain valuable leadership experience
– Lead 4 trips and get your dues fully reimbursed!
– Lead 3 trips and apply to be an officer!
– Get reimbursed for Park passes and WFA certifications
-“Trip Leader” makes you sound super official


Tentatively plan for Minor 125, but I’ll email if the room changes.


YOU. Anyone in the club can lead trips!


Technically, to become a trip leader, you can also read the Trip Leader’s Manual on our website (link below). Then you can email the officers saying you’ve done so and would like trip leader privileges. But, the workshop is an easy alternative that allows for questions and hanging out. Also, the officers leading this workshop are seasoned, battle-scarred, and grizzly veteran trip leaders with lots of tips and advice — come and we shall bestow wisdom upon thou.

Link: http://www.outdoorsatuva.org/pub-files/Outdoors_At_UVa_Leaders_Manual_19Feb2015.pdf


We’ll also be bringing the merch— FREE T-Shirts, $20 bucket hats, and $10 Hoo-Rags.


-your lovely selves 🙂
-an ear or two to lend us
-any questions ya got
-I accept tips in the form of cookies

See ya there peeps.




Trips Attended: 99 Trips Led: 49

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