Hiking (Backpacking) Hiking (Backpacking)


  • Mar 7
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  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Mar 9
  • 20:00:00
  • Linville Gorge Wilderness


  • Mar 5
  • 02:00:00


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If you love adventure and dramatic landscapes, but can’t devote all of spring break to a trip, then this one is for you! Linville Gorge is frequently dubbed “The Grand Canyon of the East” for its deep ravine, raging river, and rocky cliffs. Very popular among frequent backpackers, the trail descends down to the river on rocky cliffs and through thick forest. Less than six hours south from Charlottesville in northwestern North Carolina, this trail is perfect for an adventurous two night backpacking trip. On the last weekend of spring break, this trip gives those of us who must work over spring break an opportunity to still have some fun (while being low on cost)!

This trip has many options (as far as legnth goes from 6-16 miles total) so depending on weather (it looks like it will be about 50 degrees during the day, as low as 30 at night), we may change the schedule up a bit, but here is my tentative plan.

Friday March 7th: Rise and shine! We will meet bright and early at 6AM, make sure we have all of our gear,quickly organize driving situations and hit the road after stopping at BP to fill up on gas and coffee. The drive should last about 5.5 hours total, but we will probably stop for breakfast or lunch on the way. Once we get there, we will stop at the visitor station, determine our route and go over packing techniques. If we have a good amount of daylight left, we have the chance to take a short hike to Linville Falls, which I hear are absoloutly gorgeous. Just take a look! http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Linville_Falls-27527.jpg When we are ready, we will need to park one of the cars
south at exit point to save us a long hike up a dirt road. We will begin the hike on Pine Gap trail. After less than a mile, the trail meets up with the Linville River with its roaring rapids and beautiful waterfalls. The trail then follows the river along the bottom of the gorge, with numerous side trails climbing mountains up on the ridge. We will pick a campsite, hopefully around the 3.5 mile point,
and have some chili or some other hot dinner.

Saturday March 8th: Saturday we have two options. We can keep our campsite and do a day hike across to the other side of the gorge up the Spence Ridge Trail, or we can pack up and move on to another part of the river. The Spence Ridge Trail is highly popular and summits a peak with great views of the surrounding area. Saturday night we should have ample time to make a delicious dinner and hang out.

Sunday MArch 9th: Sunday we will basically just hike out of the gorge. There are trails back up to the road at 5.5, 8.5 and 9miles. It is really up to the group which trail we want to take, but they all seem riveting as they travel across cliffs and mountainsides! Once we reach the car, we will shuttle back and begin the ride home. If we were unable to visit the falls on Friday, we have another chance here. We may be back late on Sunday (10ish) so be prepared for a long day.

What the Club Provides:
-up to 100$ in gas + up to 10$ extra for wear and tear for each driver
-food for friday night, saturday breakfast and dinner, sunday breakfast
-packs, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, tents, water filters etc (I hear the water tastes gooood there)

What you provide:
-breakfast/lunch friday, snacks on saturday if needed, lunch sunday

What to PACK:

Backpack (BACKPACKING backpack, no school packs please!)*
Pack rain cover*/heavy duty trash bags for lining (I will pick some of these up)
Sleeping Bag*
Sleeping pad*
Headlamp* and extra batteries

Spoon + fork (or spork)
Tupperware bowl
Water bottles (2 Nalgenes or 2 litres total, I use a camel back and nalgene)

Broken-in hiking boots (you NEED ankle support! It is rough terrain!)
2 pair thick hiking socks (smartwool etc. NO cotton!)
Shorts (lightweight, quick drying)
Long pants-if you like to hike in these (lightweight, NO jeans or cotton!)
Tight capeline underarmour
Waterproof/water resistant pants
T-shirt (synthetic, avoid cotton)
Fleece pullover (thin, as a 2nd layer)
Thick fleece, windstopper or polarloft jacket (to go over 2nd layer)
Rain Gear (breathable if possible, must fit over other layers!)
Hat (warm that covers the ears)
Camp shoes (crocs, clogs, tennis shoes)

Toothbrush and toothpaste
Pack towel (if you have one)
Contact lenses/glasses

If you have these:

Stove fuel canisters*
Pot set and utensils*
Biodegradable dish soap and sponge*
Salt and pepper
Dromedary (to carry water)*
Water filter*
50 ft of p-cord
Sun block
Bug spray
Duct tape
Ziploc bags
Toilet paper
Pencil and paper

*club can provide if needed




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