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  • Jul 11
  • 08:00:00
  • Bonnycastle Circle


  • Jul 12
  • 20:00:00
  • False Cape State Park


  • Jul 9
  • 23:00:00


  • $3.00


Hello backpackers and beach bums.

False cape state park is located in Virginia beach. You can check out all details about the park online. Just google false cape state park and you will find a great description of the park.

we will be hiking in about 8 miles in flat ground to get to our campsite pretty much right on the bay.

we will have to bring our own water, as there is no potable water. there will be a privy for those who want it.

Saturday you will meet sergei egorov at bonneycastle and meet me at the entrance of the park. we will hike in and play on the beach. Sunday we can explore the park, play on the beach, and then hike out that afternoon.

Bring typical backpacking gear — a light sleeping bag, tent, thermo rest, lighter, knife, headlamp, personal items AND beach clothes and toys.
the club will provide food, water bladder, possible filter, and stove.
there will be a gear room that i will later announce if people need gear.
I will need one driver for this trip, as only 3 more people can go.
If you have any more questions, email me at

get excited,




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