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  • Jun 8
  • 14:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Jun 9
  • 22:00:00
  • Locust Springs Recreation Area


  • Jun 7
  • 00:00:00


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Want to get away for the weekend? Let’s head to Laurel Fork. Now, yes, there are several Laurel Forks around the Mid-Atlantic region. The one in question is on the border with West Virginia, but in Virginia.

A major draw for this area is the fishing, but the scenery is just as impressive. Given that Sunday has less rain currently predicted, let’s plan on making that our day to have fun. Although I have set the return to Charlottesville to be rather late on Sunday (we could potentially stay Sunday night too), there may be an earlier car returning to Charlottesville so that people can prepare for the week.

The hike to where we will camp is 3 miles. There are miles upstream and downstream that one can fish. If you’d like to explore (hike) the area, there are a variety of trails (most follow its own creek), and one can link one creek hike to another, creating a loop of ~8 miles from camp.

What you provide:
> Synthetic / wool clothes + rain gear
> Appropriate footwear for stream crossings
> Extra socks (and layers)
> Camping equipment you have
> Snacks, water
> Food money (we will split the costs)
> Fishing gear if you have it / want to use it.

What the club provides
> Gear you don’t have
> Gas money (+ rides)

A few words on fishing:
(1) Fly fishing or spin fishing should have similar luck. Casting should not be terribly difficult here (but it won’t be terribly easy either). I can do some instructing, but not a significant amount.
(2) Waders aren’t necessary, but the water will be chilly.
(3) A freshwater fishing license, $23, + national forest permit, $4, are necessary to fish these waters. However, June 7-9 are FREE fishing days! (the freshwater license is not required, but technically the national forest permit is still required)

Fishing license information:
Buy licenses online:




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