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  • Sep 13
  • 11:00:00
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Sep 14
  • 17:00:00
  • Little Sluice Mountain and Cedar Creek


  • Sep 13
  • 05:00:00


  • $6.00


This is an 11.7 mile loop hike near Little Sluice Mountain and Cedar Creek near Woodstock, VA up I-81 North near the WV border. Enough near’s in there? 🙂 Anyway, according to mapquest it’s ~95 miles away, so I figure an hour and a half max to get there. We’ll park, hike for a few hours to a “softer and grassier” spot that “would be a nice spot for a high mountain campsite,” then hike out ~6 miles the next day and drive home. Well, that’s the plan for now…if we get out there obviously we don’t have to camp there, but it sounds cool!

UVa Outdoors Provides: Sat. dinner, Sun. breakfast, gas money, and if you need: big backpack, backpack rain cover, sleeping bag and pad, tent, and a seat in a car.

You Must Bring: Sat and Sun lunch/snack food, at least one liter of water (I’ll be carrying at least two), solid footwear (I’ll have boots, sneakers will probably work fine though), socks (they might get wet, ya never know!), bug spray (more of a luxury than a need), toliet paper, *flashlight*, proper clothes (the low is in the 60’s, but it should be in the 80’s during the day, and it could rain… can’t really predict 11 days ahead). Try to bring as little cotton as possible, because wet cotton sucks!

The following link has a pretty exhaustive list of things you might need on a backpacking trip, along with some other neat fitting stuff…feel free to check it out.

NOTE: The trip is on a Saturday and Sunday. I’ve posted this trip really early so there’s plenty of time, but the signup deadline is Thursday at 3pm. I’ve got some stuff going on on Friday, so we’ll have plenty of time to get gear out and whatnot on Thursday afternoon just in case something comes up Friday that I can’t get away from.

NOTE2: The end time is being a bit generous. You can do the math. If we have 6 miles to hike out, 1.5 hours to drive, and we start hiking at 10, we’ll be back way before 5…but I over estimated just in case 🙂




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