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  • Aug 29
  • 13:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Aug 30
  • 13:00:00
  • Cold Mountain / Mount Pleasant


  • Aug 27
  • 12:00:00


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Before classes get intense, let’s get in tents. The Mt Pleasant loop (~5.5mi) and Cold Mountain loop (~5.5mi) are rich with diverse terrain and breathtaking views and panoramas. The forecast (Oronoco, VA) is looking pretty stellar as well.

The plan is to start Saturday afternoon, complete the Mt Pleasant loop and 2 miles of the Cold Mountain loop, camping just beneath an impressive saddleback (good sunrise/sunset destination). The next morning we’ll hike the few remaining miles and make it back into town before long on Sunday, stopping for lunch at riverside if the group is down. This is not a strenuous circuit, and I recommend it for all experience levels.

Your Gear: athletic clothing, clothing for a cool evening (60s + wind), rain gear, wool/polyester socks, athletic shoes/boots, backpacking pack, pack cover, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, headlamp, food, toothbrush/toiletries, 3 liters of water, the spirit of adventure, and anything else you deem worth the weight.

Crew Gear (I’ll carry): water filters, first aid kit, stove + fuel, water filter, compass, map, knife, ignition, bear bag, toilet paper.

Misc Info:
– Drivers get off the waitlist sooner and have gas reimbursed + tip.
– I can pickup whatever gear you need from the gear room if you let me know before 5pm Thursday.

For more info and pretty pictures, see here:

Destination: Mount Pleasant Special Management Area, Amherst, VA 24521




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