Hiking (Backpacking) Hiking (Backpacking)


  • Dec 15
  • 01:30 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Dec 16
  • 03:00 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Dec 14
  • 12:00 PM


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  • Mcafee Knob TrailHead, Catawba Valley Drive, Catawba, VA, USA


Hello! Have you always wanted to go backpacking but felt like it was intimidating? All the gear and food prep, not to mention carrying a heavy pack up a mountain? Well don’t worry, Rory and I are here to help! We encourage you to sign up for this trip if you have limited or nonexistent backpacking experience as we will help you get gear, select food, pack your bag efficiently, and we will be taking a leisurely pace with the aim of comfort and good vibes. We will even be prioritizing those with less experience off of the waitlist. Hoping some of y’all can fall in love with backpacking like we have!
We are going to go to McAfee knob, stay in the area of Catawba Shelter, and wake up early to catch a (hopefully) stunning sunrise on McAfee knob before heading back down the mountain. In the days leading up to the trip, Rory and I can maybe meet you at the gear rooms to grab gear, talk you through what you might need, and help you decide what to eat. We will also help you distribute the weight into your pack if you want help with that and coordinate with the group on things like tents.

Day of 12/15
1:30 pm- meet at Echols, distribute group gear, help you pack if needed
2:00 pm- drive to McAfee knob
4:00 pm- start hiking the 2.2 miles to Catawba Shelter
5:30 pm- set up camp, cook dinner, hang out
*sleepy time*
Day of 12/16
5:30 am-wake up, hike 1.6 miles (without full packs if you want) to McAfee knob
7:00 am- enjoy the sunrise!
8:00 am- head back 1.6 miles to camp, pack up, eat breakfast
10:00 am- hike 2.2 miles back to the parking lot
12:00 pm-drive back to cville
2:00 pm-arrive back home (I put an extra hour in the trip time just in case but I’m expecting closer to 2)

Gear to bring:
Backpacking pack
Sleeping bag + liner (it will be cold, liner highly recommended)
Sleeping pad
Tent/hammock w/ tarp/rainfly/groundcloth (we will make a groupchat to coordinate tents)
Athletic clothes and warm!! layers!!
Rain gear
Stove if u want (you can use mine after me, up to you)
12/15 dinner
12/16 breakfast + lunch
WATER – we can refill at camp but you should have at least 2 liters to start
headlamp/light sources
Hiking boots/shoes

Rory & I will bring:
A stove you can use (you can also totally bring your own)
Water purification (it’s a fancy gravity filter, get ready guys)
Bear bag

Get excited!!!

Note: if you have backpacking experience you can absolutely sign up just know you may not be prioritized
Additionally, we need another driver! Priority will be given!

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