Biking (Road) Biking (Road)


  • Mar 6
  • 09:45:00
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Mar 6
  • 15:00:00
  • Free Union, VA


  • Mar 5
  • 18:00:00


  • $0.00


If anyone is going to be around over break, come join me in a beautiful loop in the countryside. In my short experience as a road biker this ride has become my favorite. We’ll travel through the valley on a 27 mile loop starting from Free Union, out to White Hall, and back around. There are spectacular views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and little traffic along the way. The terrain is generally easy with some mild ups and downs. We’ll be pedaling at an easy talking pace, for about 2.5 – 3 hours. I’m not sure how the weather will be so plan for the worse – dress warm in layers and bring rain gear. The trip will be canceled if there is significant precipitation that morning, or bad roads. Because of the terrain this ride is suitable for any level, but because of the distance please do NOT sign up unless you are in decent shape. Before you ride please hydrate yourself well. Also, the ride is suitable to be done on a mountain bike and the club happens to own 5 nice ones or I have a couple you could choose from. If you need to borrow one from the club I’ll need to know by Thursday to be able to sign them out.

The Club Provides: Bikes, helmets, water bottles and transportation

You should bring: water, water, snacks, money if you want to stop at a store for more water and snacks, athletic wear (no baggy pants for the bike’s chain ring to eat. If you want to wear wind pants that are baggy bring a few rubber bands to use as cufts), preferably non-cotton layers, rain wear, backpack if you have a lot of gear you want to transport.




Trips Attended: 320 Trips Led: 263

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