Hiking (Backpacking) Hiking (Backpacking)


  • Feb 17
  • 14:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Feb 18
  • 15:00:00
  • Three Ridges


  • Feb 16
  • 12:00:00


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Amigos míos,

Join me on a quick weekend hike Friday afternoon til Saturday afternoon!

The plan is to do the Three Ridges loop, about 15 miles. It’s a splendid loop with excellent views, great camping, and bubbling streams. We’ll hike approx. 7 miles on Friday late-afternoon up and over the three ridges, set up camp near the AT Campbell Creek Shelter, hang out around the campfire, shiver our way through the cold night, and then follow the Maupin creek 7 miles back to the trailhead on Saturday morning.

I ask that you please be fairly in shape as I do hike at a fast pace and don’t want to get split up. When I say beginner, I mean you do not have to have heavy backpacking experience with pitching a tent etc. because I will help y’all out with that. I want y’all to get more comfortable out in the wilderness 🙂

I have class at 1:00pm on Friday, so we’ll head out around 2:30pm from Echols.

You need to bring:
– Backpacking backpack
– Warm sleeping bag
– sleeping pad
– Headlamp!!!!!!! seriously don’t forget this one
– Layers to keep warm at night (winter hat, long pants, wool socks, fleece layer)
– Sturdy shoes
– 2 full waterbottles (2L) at LEAST
– rain jacket
– Food for yourself. (dinner on Friday, breakfast on Saturday, snacks for hiking)
-Hammock or tent if you have it.

I will bring a backpacking stove so we can boil water for dinner/breakfast preparations if needed.

**YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR COMING PREPARED WITH ALL NECESSARY GEAR.** Make it to a gear room or email the officers and find a time that suits for you. DON’T wait until Thursday night to reach out to us.

Come enjoy the half winter, half spring weather with me. I’m anticipating it’ll be super cold but hopefully it warms up significantly. Best way to reach me for further questions is via text (8478630008 ).




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