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  • Apr 4
  • 16:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 7
  • 20:00:00
  • Beantown, MA


  • Mar 28
  • 11:00:00


  • $10.00


Calling only the most sendy of people. This trip is just too badass to pass up.

We will be taking a long weekend and heading up to the great northeast on the adventure of a lifetime. There will be laughs, numerous bathroom breaks, all you can buy food, sailing, rock climbing, thrifting, and Boston Burger Co’s 420 burger!

We will specifically be heading up to Anna’s parents house in MA. Yes, this means that Thursday will be a heckin long day of driving. But this means that we have the maximum time up in the greater Boston area!!

Because this is a more advanced trip than usual, we will be giving priority to those who can help drive, those who can lead climb, those who know how to swim (you can’t go out sailing if you can’t swim)

** This is a tentative schedule and activities are subject to change due to weather **

~~ The Plan ~~

4pm – Meet and leave
4:20pm – snack bc its what ya do
8pm – Stop for a CFA dinner bc is it really a road trip without it?
~2:69am – arrive at the Cuddebacks!

7:30amish – Wake up and start a very early day
9:30am – arrive at Walden Pond and visit OG crunchy guy Henry David Thoreau
Noon ish – Get on the Red line and head into boston to
1:00pm – Sail on the Charles River
4:20pm – Get the 420 Burger for $4.20 at 4:20
7:14pm – Catch the last most beautiful rays of sunbathing sun
Night with the Cuddebacks :)))))))))))))

8am – Get up and get moving
9am – Arrive at Quincy Quarries Climbing*
12pm – Lunch
After lunch – something else new englandy dependent on the group
Dinnertime – Dinner with the Cuddebacks 🙂

8amish – Drive
Sometimeish – Hershey’s Chocolate World?
8pmish Back in hooville

~~ Some disclaimers ~~

1. We want to try to fit in a night of camping at some point, but a lot of the campsites in MA have a pretty weather-dependent operation schedule. If we can, we will spend a night (probably Friday) camping. However, this will be decided closer to the date. In signing up for this trip, you’re agreeing to be ~flexible~ and willing to camp out (it’s ODC, you have to).

2. We are very grateful to be staying at the Cuddeback house for this trip. You are expected to be polite and respectful of their house rules and property (this should go without saying).

*This is subject to change, we may decide to go to Farley or Rumney.

~~ Watcha Need ~~
– The utmost stoke
– A great attitude
– Around $20 for food on the way there and back
– $10 for communal food at the Cuddebacks
– Bathing suit??
– 2-69L of water

– Climbing gear:
– Harness
– Shoes
– Helmet
– Belay device
– Chalk

– Snacks
– Day pack
– Clothes

~~ What we will bring ~~
– The ultimate stoke
– Ropes to climb on
– The best tunes
– Tents?
– Sailing membership (aka Anna)

~~ Car peeps ~~
– We love and need your (car) driving ability!
– Club pays for gas + 50% tip! (must have a full tank when we leave) 🙂

For all that is sendy
Chad (and Anna)
** Anna Cuddeback is co-leading this adventure **




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