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  • Nov 10
  • 08:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Nov 10
  • 18:00:00
  • Bird Knob


  • Nov 9
  • 16:00:00


  • $0.00


Let’s hike Bird Knob which is located in George Washington National Forest.

Bird Knob is considered moderate and is an 8 mile hike. There are two spectacular vistas just 1.5 miles into this hike after the Massanutten Trail levels off on the ridge.

We will start out the hike near the FRONT of the parking area on the white blazed Wildflower Trail. Follow the white blazed trail downhill for 0.3 miles where we will reach a bench and the intersection of the orange blazed Massanutten Trail. Turn right uphill on the orange blazed trail for the steepest section of the hike as it winds around the mountain and climbs through a bolder field before arriving at the ridge line in 0.7 miles from the last intersection. Follow the ridge uphill and in 0.4 miles arrive at the first of two great vistas. Then in another 200ft the second great vista comes into view. Continue on the trail for another 0.8 miles to the intersection of the white blazed Bird Knob Trail. Turn right on the white blazed trail. Shortly pass an un-maintained trail on the left, then in 0.8 miles from the Massanutten/Bird Knob intersection stay right as you pass another un-blazed trail that connects from the left. In 1.0 miles the white blazed trail makes a sharp left downhill through a small clearing then veers left again. Stay on the trail as it descends, then ascending before passing a Forestry Service (FS) road on the left that leads to a swimming hole. Continue up the white blazed trail for another 300ft where you pass a closed gate and turn left on a FS road that is also the orange blazed Massanutten Trial.Head uphill for 0.4 miles on the orange blazed FS road before the road makes a hairpin right. Stay straight passing a closed gate and continuing on the orange blazed trail. In 0.4 miles from the gate reach an intersection, stay right remaining on the orange blazed trail. Then in 0.7 miles pass through a small clearing and arrive back at the Bird Knob Trail intersection.Now turn right downhill retracing your steps back past the two vistas and descending back to the white blazed Wildflower Trail where you turn left to return back to the forestry service visitors center and parking area. (Hiking Upward Hiking Details)

The trailhead starts at the Massanutten Visitor Center. This is located on US-211, 5 miles east of New Market and west of the town of Luray and the intersection with 340-S. The Wildflower Trail is marked by a sign near the entrance to the parking lot.

Carpooling: If you are interested in carpooling or being a driver for carpooling, please let me know. We will leave at 8:30 AM at Echols Dorm.

I am currently opening this trip to 4 people until another driver joins the wait list at which point we can expand to 8 people.

What to Bring: Please be sure to bring lots of water, comfortable sturdy shoes, sunscreen, a camera and a lunch/snack for when we reach the summits! Since we are now into the Fall season, I would also recommend dressing in layers or bringing a fleece or light jacket.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for you own safety and the activities you choose to participate in while on the hike.

In the event of in climate weather, this hike may be canceled and/or rescheduled.

Below are the links to the actual hikes for further information.


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
See you on Sunday!




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