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  • Aug 23
  • 12:15 PM
  • Corner Of Echols Dorm


  • Aug 23
  • 04:00 PM
  • Charlottesville


  • Aug 22
  • 08:00 PM


  • $00000


  • 6796 Sugar Hollow Road, Crozet, VA, USA


HELLLOOO everybody nn welcome back!111!!

this trip is my feeler for who doesn’t have class on Wednesdays … so that we can all conspire to do dope shit every week.

Its super duper hot so I wanna go chill in some water: Blue Hole. I’ve never actually swam here but it’s very deep and a popular place near cville!!!

To reach the swimming hole you walk on a trail for 1.5 miles each way. There is one river crossing so wear shoes that can get wet, or you could just take your shoes off. Other than that we will just swim or exist in space at the water hole <3 time frame: meet @ Echols @1215pm start hiking @1pm stay at the swimming hole for a bit -- return time is tentative but should be no later than 4pm. (here's some more information about the access/hike etc if you want to know ! https://gohikevirginia.com/sugar-hollow-reservoir/) ** if somebody has a time conflict where they'd rather get back earlier we can move the time/accommodate!! To bring Shoes you can walk in for 3 miles Towel Swimsuit Snacks/food/water Maybe a book? Chill activity? (you don’t have to actually swim!!!)




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