Social Events, Potlucks etc. Social Events, Potlucks etc.


  • Apr 2
  • 09:00 PM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Apr 2
  • 09:00 PM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Apr 2
  • 07:00 PM


  • $0.00


  • 116 Washington Avenue, Charlottesville, VA, USA


Hellloooo friends,

Are your fingers and legs aching from sending it this weekend and in need of some fire healing? Are you about 12 months deprived of a truly fulfilling night under the stars in cville?

If yes, we have good news for you! UVA has released our 10 person social event limit so we are having our first bonfire of the year! I have SO dearly missed seeing all your fire lit smiles. Pre-COVID, this would be a come one, come all type situation where you get to play your Friday night by ear, but we are setting a 15 person limit on the event just to stay super safe!

I know each of your earthy soul has been itching to sink your bare toes into the muddy pit surrounding the fire in the Shred Shack backyard since COVID shut this whole thing down last March. I implore all members, old and new, to sign up and re-find your true meaning of life within the flames that will shoot out of the Earth and lick our daringly-close fingers.

Get ready to sink your teeth into a marshmallow that you burnt because you don’t possess a normal level of patience and remember what it feels like to sip on a cold PBR while your friends chortle along to some bluegrass songs on the guitar.

Bring whatever you desire for a good time and see you at 9:00!

PS: If this is successful, we hope to start hosting more bonfires to accommodate for our inability to host more than 15 people at once, so stay tuned if you don’t get off the waitlist!




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