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  • Sep 22
  • 08:00 AM
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Sep 22
  • 01:30 PM


  • Sep 21
  • 10:00 PM


  • $0


  • Blue Ridge School, Mayo Drive, Saint George, VA, USA


HELLO AGAIN MOUNTAIN BIKERS!!!! The last time I tried going to BRS it got rained out so this is take two. If you aren’t aware, the Blue Ridge School is just outside of Charlottesville and has some super sick looking trails that I’ve wanted to ride for a good long time now. If you happen to not have Friday classes or are just willing to skip them (like me) to go riding then this is for you!

We plan to ride around 15 miles (with lots of breaks), though a route is not set in stone and neither is the distance (let us know in the comments if you’d prefer something else and if you are okay/not okay with this distance. This is what we’re currently hoping to ride: If we have a mixed skill group of large enough size, we could potentially split up at some point depending on what people want.

***Please read***
The route linked above (and some of the trails we’d like to ride, particularly Copperhead) have some challenging sections, but all of the tough technical features have a ridearound option, so you don’t have to ride them if you’re not comfortable/feeling it. So while this will be a challenging ride, it does not demand pro skills and will still be awesome for an intermediate rider (aka us).

If you’ve got any questions at all regarding the ride, the challenge of it, the pace, etc., please shoot me or Gabriel a text and we can chat about it!
Bryson: 8045171604
Gabriel: 5403830524

These are links to the trail system and the specific route we’re hoping to ride (if you’ve got any suggestions please let us know):

Rough schedule:
8am – meet at the shred shrack (116 washington ave) and leave
9am – get to the blue ridge school
9am – 12:30pm – BIKE
1:30pm – back at shred shrack and go our separate ways

What you bring:
– water (2-3L): we can put 1-2 bottle cages on each bike (let us know in the questionnaire). I recommend wearing a backpack (not your school bag) with water/food, if you don’t have one, let us know or stop by a gear room for one
– snacks/lunch
– a way to carry your water and snacks (backpack recommended, see above)
– gloves
– weather-appropriate clothing
– closed-toe shoes (flat bottomed, think vans, af1, etc.)

What we bring:
– car
– bikes
– racks
– helmets
– tools




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