Biking (Mountain) Biking (Mountain)


  • Oct 24
  • 08:30:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Oct 24
  • 18:15:00
  • Bryce Resort


  • Oct 22
  • 23:45:00


  • $125.00


Do you like biking but hate pedaling uphill?
Do you like shredding down the side of an Alp in lederhosen, eating sausage and drinking an age appropriate German beverage?
Then this trip is for you!

This trip will take place at Bryce Mountain Bike park, Bryce is the Alp of the East Coast, with a staggering 15000 (cm) of vertical drop.
We will ride in style to the top on their quad chairlift, and then will shred the whole way down. Rinse and repeat until they close or our bodies fail us.
At the bottom we will be greeted by Bryce Mountains Oktoberfest. They will be serving traditional Bavarian food at a Beer Garden, and a live band will be playing.
There will also be bike related giveaways, and at 2pm a “chainless” race from the top.

Logistical thingies:

Details on the bike bonanza:

Details on the Oktoberfest:

We will leave about 8:30am Saturday morning from the brick wall, I do need drivers. We can stay till 5pm, and head back then.

What to bring:
– Athletic/Bike clothing
– Water (2-3L preferably in a hydration pack)
– Bike and protective gear(also can rent, we will not be using club bikes-see below)
– Snacks
– Your inner German

We unfortunately will not be able to use club bikes on this trip. Downhill Mountain Bike parks
are rough on gear, so this would not be a good use of our bikes. You’re welcome to bring your own bike, the intermediate and beginner trails are doable on a hardtail, but the expert level stuff certainly is not. If you have a full-suspension All-Mountain or even XC bike you should be perfectly fine.
Bryce also has the option to rent a true downhill bike (Trek Sessions), a full face helmet, and body armor for a discount (I personally will be doing this).

Bryce has a trail for all levels, but this will be an Intermediate/Advanced trip.

If you have your own bike, the day lift pass is $34, entrance to Oktoberfest buffet is another $15.
If you would like to rent all the equipment and get a lift pass, the total is $125. Oktoberfest is still another $15.
Also if people want, halfday passes are $28 and $85 respectively.

Everyone will be added to the waitlist until I can find drivers, limit to 4 for now, but I may be able to open it up to more.




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