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  • Feb 8
  • 07:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Feb 9
  • 01:00:00
  • Canaan Valley, WV


  • Feb 3
  • 09:00:00


  • $20.00


Let’s check out some snow trails in Canaan Valley, West Virginia on Saturday, February 8th!

So, I got snow shoes for Christmas and I have been meaning to try them out! I am hoping this upcoming weekend (February 8th) will allow us to check out the beautiful Canaan Valley area in West Virginia. If you are interested in checking out a winter wonderland (hopefully by next weekend there will be snow!), please join! It is open to all experienced levels.

The plan will be to head out to Canaan Valley area and snow shoe for the majority of the day, stop for dinner and head back to Charlottesville late.

Morning Plan: (4 miles Easy)
Black Water River Trail – Easy .75 miles (Our warm up), Deer Run (Easy-1.5 miles), Abe Run (Easy-.75 miles), Mill Run (Easy-1 mile)

We’ll break for lunch. (You can either pack something or grab something at the Main lodge)

Afternoon Plan: (3.25 to 5.75 miles) *Subject to how the group is doing
Back Hollow Trail (Easy to Difficult – 3 miles), Monarch Trail (Easy- .25 mile), Railroad Grade Trail (Easy to Difficult -2.5 miles)



Carpooling: If you are interested in carpooling or being a driver for carpooling, please let me know. We will leave at 7:00 AM at Echols Dorm. Please be prompt. The drive is about 2 hours and 55 minutes each way so I would like to get an early start so we have the day to snow shoe. We should arrive by 10AM ish and then I hope to head out by 8 or 9PM to bring us back at Charlottesville 11PM/12 midnight.

Directions: Charlottesville to Canaan Valley Resort- Approximately 2 hrs 55 minutes

Canaan Valley Resort State Park is free
Lunch and Dinner money ($20-$30)
Mountain State Brewing Company- Thomas, WV http://mountainstatebrewing.com/
The club provides gas money and transportation.

Things to Bring:
Snow boots, warm layers, hat, gloves, scarves, water, sunglasses, money for dinner and lunch, camera

Couple factors:
This is subject to cancellation….I will call Canaan Valley Resort- WV on Friday (2/7) to confirm snow conditions. Today’s forecast was rain so they said they would need to receive more snow this week in order to have good snow trails. The forecast for this week was for more snow so if we keep our fingers crossed we should have nice trails next weekend.

I will take out the 7 snow shoe sets this week which means we can have a max of 8 people. I am currently going to set the trip at 4 people since I can guarantee three people in my car. Once we have another AWD/4WD car, I will take others off the wait list where we can expand to 8 people.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for you own safety and the activities you choose to participate in while on this snow shoe trip.

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