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  • May 31
  • 11:00:00
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Jun 2
  • 18:00:00
  • Your Comfy Bed


  • May 24
  • 08:00:00


  • $0.00


Weekend extravaganza! Biking! Hiking! Swimming!


Come hang out at Stokesville Campground for a weekend to enjoy the beauties of early summer in VA. We’ll be camping and taking advantage of the many different activities the area has to offer. There is an extensive trail system that is ideal for biking, hiking, and trail running. The camping site is near a river- so swimming and fishing are options. We will also partake in general camaraderie, campfire stories, noms, etc.

As you can see, the place has tons of options to choose, so please research what you’d like to do before hand. It’s on trip attendees to decide what to do once we arrive! See a cool trail on MTB Project? Cool, get the deets and let’s send it. Want to sunbathe at the river? Hype, pack a towel and some sunscreen. The world is our oyster.

Stokesville has some of the finest single track in VA, including(but not limited to) a large portion of the Shenandoah Mountain 100 course. There are plenty of tough, technical climbs up to fantastic views, followed by ridge-line roller coasters and endless down hills. We’ll decide on which trails to tackle when we get there. Trail selection will be based on the mix of experience and fitness within groups. ALL RIDES WILL BE NO DROP.
You can compensate for experience with good aerobic shape, but some experience is necessary to fully enjoy the terrain.

There are over 40 miles of trails accessible from camp, all you have to do is pick one to start on!


Swimming, fishing, and flotational devices are allowed and encouraged. We are allowed to bring our own flotational devices to launch on the river. I will not be coordinating fishing or flotational gear, so if you are interested in that please plan accordingly/ coordinate with others interested!

Trip cap is currently 8 people due to vehicle space limitations.

Leave Friday, May 31 late morning (this can be adjusted based on people’s Friday schedules

Drive 1hr 10min to Stokesville Campground

Get an afternoon activity in, set up camp, chill

Do fun things Saturday and Sunday

Leave for Cville at ~7, get home by dark

Need more, priority for those with bike carrying capabilities (the club has racks, so if you have a hitch you are golden!)

THE CLUB PROVIDES: Camping gear, mountain bikes (various sizes) and helmets, cooking equipment, ga$

YOU SHOULD BRING: Your bike & gear (if you have one!), lots of water, lots of snacks, hydration pack or small backpack if you have one, extra socks, proper active attire (non-cotton layers, rain gear in case), whatever you need to spend the night camping (i.e. toiletries if you’re into that), proper shoes for whatever activity you want to do, camp attire (comfy/non-smelly clothes, a warm layer or two for the night

If you want to do communal food, the fee will be $15. This will include breakfast, dinner, and snacks on Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday. Please indicate in the trip questions if you’d like to do the communal food option. If you prefer to do your own food, that’s fine, but please let bring enough and indicate if you need cooking equipment in the questions.

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