Hiking (Day Hikes) Hiking (Day Hikes)
Social Events, Potlucks etc. Social Events, Potlucks etc.
Sunbathing Sunbathing


  • Apr 7
  • 10:00:00
  • Echols Dorm: Brick Wall By Side Door


  • Apr 7
  • 12:02:00
  • Walnut Creek Park


  • Apr 6
  • 18:30:00


  • $0.00


With all this talk of banana’s and humans resorting back to their primitive states, it got me thinking. Which then made me hungry. So I thought what better way to complement the grill-cooked food of Creekathon with some sweet treats.

I would also like to do a hike…there are a bunch of trails that are around the area and I would love to do some exploring to start off the morning. I am not 100% sure what trail combo will be done, but we will be back in time for all the fun (and to cook pancakes!!)

Please make sure you are on the main Creekathon trip

The sweets:
9:50am – Meet at echols
10am – depart echols
10:19am – arrive at the park
10:20am – start hiking
12-1ish – be back just in time to get hot food and make pancakes

You’ll want:
– Good shoes (generally a good idea)
– Water (1-2L)
– **To be on the Creekathon main trip**
– A giant banana costume and lyrics to banana pancakes so we are easily seen and heard

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