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  • Oct 26
  • 13:00:00
  • 116 Washington Avenue - A.K.A. Shred Shack


  • Oct 27
  • 16:00:00
  • Three Ridges Trail Head


  • Oct 23
  • 20:00:00


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Hi pals!

The onslaught of chilly air has stirred memories of doing things other than reading cases in the law library. The Outdoors Club hasn’t seen the last of me: it’s time to get some FRE$H AIR!

This trip has two purposes: to teach people how to lead backpacking trips, and to introduce new folks to the fundamentals of backpacking. You are welcome to sign up for this trip no matter your level of experience, but I will be giving wait list priority to people with previous backpacking experience WHO AGREE TO LEAD AT LEAST ONE BACKPACKING TRIP THIS SCHOOL YEAR. During the trip I’ll be meeting up with anyone interested in taking this as a workshop and talking through the elements of planning and leading a backpacking trip.

That being said, don’t be afraid to sign up if you’ve never backpacked and just want to try it out!

Three Ridges is a well known, and gorgeous, 15 mile loop that partially tracks the AT and offers loads of delicious overlooks! It’s got a few steep sections, but is generally not super strenuous. We will stick to a pace that includes everybody!


All signups will be wait listed at first, and wait list priority will be given to drivers and to people pledging to lead a backpacking trip later this school year. Capping trip at 8 because that’s about the maximum permissible size of a backpacking group per typical outdoors etiquette.


Day 1: Leave Cville Friday at 1pm, get to the trailhead by 2pm, and be hiking soon after. We’ll hike until a bit before sunset, set camp, make dinner, and then socialize until the point that we doze off in the chilled October night air. I’m hoping to make 5-8 miles by this time!

Day 2: Break fast, deconstruct camp, and get walkin’! We’ll do 7-10 miles on this second day, depending on how far we get on day 1 (duh). I’m hoping to be back in Cville by mid-afternoon at the latest! An early start means you can crush more miles than you think by midday.

– Backpacking backpack*
– Sleeping bag*
– Sleeping pad*
– Hiking clothes (synthetic is best)
– Warm layers for camp
– Light rain shell (just in case)
– Head lamp*
– Comfortable hiking/walking shoes & socks
– 2-3L of water capacity (filled)
– Snacks, and lunch for Day 2
– A small lightweight bowl, eating utensil & mug (if you want herbal tea at night and coffee in the morning)
– Backpacking tent (if you have one)
– Water filter (if you have one)
– Backpacking stove (if you have one)

*Can be checked out FOR FREE from the gear room. Check the gear room schedule on the website to figure out when to go and check out what you need!

– Food for dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2. I’ll be buying the food ahead of time and ask everyone who wants to participate to chip in $$ (won’t be much). Also bringing herbal tea bags and instant coffee!
– Tents, stoves, and water filters as needed
– Plenty of backpacking experience, tips, and tricks to share

The weather this time of year is just spectacular for backpacking, and the foliage will be lovely. Come join!!!

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